Mantids Order:  Mantodea Species in Colorado: 7 Ground mantid Chinese mantid European mantid (Praying mantid)
True Bugs Order: Hemiptera Water Boatmen Backswimmers Giant Water Bugs Waterscorpions Toad Bugs Water Striders Bed Bugs Plant Bugs Assassin Bugs Ambush Bugs Lace Bugs Seed Bugs Stilt Bugs Leaf-Footed Bugs Stink Bugs Spined Soldier Bugs
Beetles Order: Coleoptera Ladybugs Beetles:  80 species in Colo. Ground Beetles: 406 species in Colo. Tiger Beetles: 35 species in Colo. Fireflies: about 8 species in Colo. Soldier Beetles Predacious diving beetles Whirligig Beetles Water Scavenger Beetles Hister Beetle Rove Beetles Carrion Beetles Scarab Beetles Metallic Wood-Boring Beetles Spider Beetles Branch & Twig Borers Checkered Beetles Flat Bark Beetles Pleasing Fungus Beetles Rough Fungus Beetle Darkling Beetles Fire Beetles Long-Horned Beetles Seed Beetles Snout Beetles and Weevils Bark & Ambrosia Beetles
Antlions & Relatives Order: Neuroptera Antlions:  about 5- species in Colo. Green Lacewings Brown Lacewings Snakeflies
Caddisflies Order: Trichoptera Tawny Brown-marked longhorn
Ants, Bees, Wasps, & Kin Order: Hymenoptera Ants: More than 163 species in Colo. Velvet Ants: about 80 species in Colo. Bees Spider Wasps: 149 species in Colorado Tarantula hawk Hunting Wasps: 490 species in Colo. Horntails Braconids Ichneumons (Parasitic Wasps) Chalcids (sall wasplike insects) Tiphiid Wasps Scoliid Wasps Vespid Wasps Sphecid Wasps Pelecinids
Spiders Order:  Areneae Crab Spiders Philodromids Jumping Spiders Wolf Spiders Lynx spider Gnaphosids Funnel Web Weavers Orb Weavers Large-Jawed Orb Weavers Tetragnathids Combfooted (Cob-Web) Spiders Black Widow Spider Cellar Spiders Dysperid Spiders Dictynid spiders Tarantulas Desert Tarantula Spitting Spiders Violin Spiders Brown Recluse Spider Comb-Footed Spiders
Daddy Longlegs Order: Opiliones Brown daddy-long-legs 
Scorpions Order: Scorpiones Giant desert hairy scorpion 
Pseudoscorpions Order: Pseudoscorpiones At least 20 species are found in Colo.  
Windscorpions - Sunspiders Order: Solifugae About 10 species are found in Colo.  
Centipedes Class: Chilopoda About 25 species are found in Colo. Stone centipede House centipede Giant desert centipede  
Flies Order: Diptera Crane Flies Phantom Midges Mosquitoes Midges Black Flies March Flies Fungus Gnats Soldier Flies Horse and Dear Flies Stiletto flies Flower-loving flies Mydas flies Robber Flies: 160 species in Colo. Bee flies Dance Flies Long-legged Flies Hover Flies Thick-Headed Flies Pyrgotid Flies Fruit Flies Marsh Flies Pomace Flies Dung fly Muscid Flies Louse Flies Blow Flies Flesh Flies Tachinid Flies
Dragonflies & Damselfies Order: Odonata About 108 species are found in Colo. Green Darner Climber Dragonflies Twelve-spot Skimmer Red Skimmer Swift long-winged skimmers Whitetail Streak-winged Red Skimmer Jagged-edged saddlebag Black-winged damselfly Ruby spot Violet Tail Bluet damselfly Common green darner Widow skimmer Whitetail dragonfly  
Butterflies & Moths Order: Lepidoptera Lelechiid Moths Clear-Winged Moths Tortricid Moths Fruit-tree leaf roller moths Skippers Gossamer-winged butterflies Brush-Footed Butterflies American Painted Lady Edith’s Checkerspot Great Spangled Fritillary Mourning cloak Satyrs, Nymphs, & Arctics Milkweed Butterflies Monarch Pyralid moths Plum Moths Measuringworm moths Giant Silkworm Moths Sphinx Moths Blinded sphinx Prominents Tiger Moths Owlet Moth
Common Bristletails Order: Thysanura Silverfish Firebrat
Mayflies Order: Ephemeroptera Small Mayflies Brown Stream Mayflies
Termites Order:  Isoptera Rotting-Wood Termites
Earwigs Order:  Dermaptera Long-Horned Earwigs
Stoneflies Order:  Plecoptera Giant Stoneflies
Grasshoppers & Crickets Order:  Orthoptera Short-Horned Grasshoppers Long-Horned Grasshoppers & Katydids True Crickets
Sucking Lice Order:  Anoplura Mammal Sucking Lice Human Lice
Cockroaches Order: Blattodea Blattid Cockroaches Blattellid Cockroaches
Cicadas & Kin Order:  Homoptera Cicadas Treehoppers Leafhoppers Whiteflies Aphids Woolly & Gall-Making Aphids Mealybugs Cochineal Bugs
Thrips Order:  Thysanoptera Banded Thrips Common Thrips
Alderflies, Dobsonflies, & Fishflies Order:  Megaloptera Alderflies Dobsonflies & Fishflies
Snakeflies Order:  Raphidioptera Brown Lacewing Giant Lacewings Antlions Owlflies
Scorpionflies & Kin Order:  Mecoptera Snow Scorpionflies
Fleas Order:  Siphonapter Common Fleas
Caddisflies Order:  Trichoptera Long-Hourned Caddisflies
Mits & Ticks Order:  Acarina Spider Mites Water Mites Velvet Mites Soft Ticks