When people think of good states to visit for boating they think of places in Florida or Texas but Colorado has some surprises for you. Durango is lucky to have some of the best freshwater lakes in the southwest with incredible scenery that makes the area unique and appealing. Lake sports can be broken down into activities like: boating, swimming, waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, tubing, jet skiing (personal watercraft), and even scuba diving! All of these and more are available just a short distance from town. You can also visit our lake maps or calendar of events pages for more details and information. Some of the most popular lakes for boating are: Navajo Reservoir, Vallecito Reservoir and McPhee Reservoir which represent some of the largest in the area. Navajo lake has several large full service marinas with all the amenities including boat rentals, houseboat rentals, campgrounds, docks, RV parking and fishing information. The lakes near Durango have beautiful and diverse scenery. You can relax on your sailboat while looking at huge mountain peaks and green ponderosa pines. You can blast your tunes while ripping up the smooth as glass desert channels on your wakeboard. There are shallow coves for swimming, deep walls for scuba diving, grassy knolls for bass fishing and plenty of room to spread out and get away from the crowds. After a hard day of playing on the water there are shoreline campsites that beckon the chase lounge chair with a cold drink. During the summer the waters are warm, during the winter the fishing is great and with the right conditions ice fishing is available. Durango has many smaller lakes that may have some limitations as far as what kind of water crafts are allowed but are very popular for activities like fishing and camping. The State Forest or Colorado Division of Wildlife sites will provide the most current information on uses or restrictions.  Haviland Lake, Andrews Lake and Molas Lake which are north of Durango are stocked with trout and Andrews even has wheelchair access! Lemon reservoir which is near Vallecito also has some great fishing and camping areas. If you like hiking or backpacking there are hundreds of high mountain natural lakes that dot the landscape. Some of the trails you can take to find them are along the Hermosa Creek Trail, Emerald Lake Trail and the Colorado Trail. Pristine and beautiful! Durango means "water town" and with all the lakes and rivers in and nearby the city, the name is quite fitting. We have some of the best places for water sports in the entire state! So, pack up the gear grab the sunscreen and.. Go Outdoors!
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