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   Twin Buttes Trail The latest trail to be added to the growing list of spectacular trails to ride, Twin Buttes does not disappoint. It has moderate steady climbs, tight banked turns and all the classic single track that makes mountain bikers happy.   Located just within the Durango city limits on highway 160, there is a dirt parking lot near a gas station on the North side of the road. The main (East) trailhead is here and the second access trail is on lightener creek road (CR 207) which will lead you east towards the main entry. Many people have been hauling their bikes and parking but another way is to take the Animas River Trail  until you reach the bridge at hwy 160 west and follow the road for about 1.7 miles. You can also use our Twin Buttes Trail Map page for terrain details and directions. On the photo gallery page we have a new video to check out with a bikers perspective of the trail. Twin Buttes gets its name from the two rocky top mountains that are very similar in size and shape and the trail system follows around. Look for    hawks or even eagles in this area along the cliffs. Twin Buttes Trail is similar to Overend Mountain Park only larger and more open. In fact they are not that far away from each other as the crow flies and the Perins Peak wildlife area is situated between the two. Twin Buttes has several loops to choose from in varied terrain through open pine and gamble oak on great single track hard pack. There are a few rocky areas on the climb up from the trailhead but most of the trail is deliciously buttery and just a great place to ride. The descent to the far west along the section named "Ed & Flo" has some outstanding twisting turns with jumps, banks and berms that will have you riding back to the top just to do it over again! Mountain bikers are not the only people using the new trail. You will also see hikers, trail runners, and horseback riders looking for some new terrain and taking in the views. All people using the trail should be courteous and be aware of their surroundings so that everybody can enjoy it and have a good time.  A popular loop is ascending Twin Buttes to Upper Twin Buttes to Upper BC & F to Upper Ed & Flo and down to the trailhead which is approximately 12.7 miles. You can also take the alternate Upper Twin Buttes which is to the north of the peaks and provides some good single track with about the same mileage. Cliffrock Loop heads towards Perins Peak and can be combined with the other loops for a 15 mile + ride. If you want a quick fix the Twin Butte to Lower Loop to Ed & Flo gives you a quick climb to a fast and fun descent that you can hammer out a couple of times. When to ride or hike twin Buttes? At this point the easiest answer is "when it's dry". The trail faces southwest and gets quite a bit of sun so early spring through early winter are usable and prime season is summer. All trail use should be limited after heavy rains or when it is very wet to avoid damage and erosion but this rule is especially important for new trails like Twin Buttes. Check one of our Durango weather buttons for updates to help plan your trip.  During the winter months this trail can also be utilized by cross-country skiers and snowshoer’s. Trail difficulty rating. This kind of depends on where you go. Overall the trail is moderate intermediate mixed with some advanced strenuous which is mainly located along the Ed & Flo section. The stretch right up from the trailhead is fairly steep but manageable for most experienced riders and newbies can challenge themselves and hone the skills. In general the trail has something for riders of all levels to enjoy but as always, stay within your own ability levels. The Twin Buttes Trail is very new and fast becoming very popular with the Durango locals. It has great terrain, variable lengths of loops and a beautiful area to explore. It's a Butte!