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Overend Mountain Park (AKA Test Track) Overend Mountain Park named after the bicycle racer Ned Overend, is a trail system to the west of Durango Colorado with some very fun terrain. The main park area encompasses about 300 acres which does not make for a long bike ride, but oh what a ride it is! The best way to describe Overend Mountain Park is a playground for mountain bikers. Buttery singletracks, bridges, burms, banks, jumps and bumps and trails crisscrossing through green forested gullies. Want to use the force? Try Star Wars and fly down the flume like downhill with zigzags and banks to shake off any imperial tie fighters. Some of the upper trails like Hogsback, Grabens Loop and Hidden Valley offer great views of the city looking east and awesome downhill descents.  Many of the locals still refer to the park as Test Track as it is a great place to test your skills and to test a new bike from one of the exceptional stores here in Durango. There are plenty of trails that are good for beginning riders to practice as you can choose one that fits into your confidence level and easily back out of ones that are beyond. Although the lion's share of the use is by mountain bikers it is also popular for trail running, hiking and families with pets out for an evening walk. With that being said, riders should use caution and watch for others especially in forested areas with limited visibility, use good etiquette. The Overend Mountain Park rates very high on the fun scale, is close to town, and gives you a lot to do in a compact space and anybody looking for a quick ride should give it a try. Good times!
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Downhill Fun on Test Track in Durango, Colorado Presented By:  LS3 Aerial