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Directions to Trailheads:
Lower Hermosa Creek Trailhead: Latitude:  37.4546, Longitude:  -107.8573 Elevation:  7,779 feet From Main Ave. (Hwy 550) travel North out of town for about 6.5 miles.  Turn left onto County Road 203, then make an immediate right onto County Road 201, then take the first left to stay on County Road 201.  Follow it for approximately 2 miles, there will be a large parking area at the trailhead, restrooms, a nearby campground, and even a coral area for horses.
Upper Hermosa Creek Trailhead: Latitude:  37.6299, Longitude:  -107.9156 Elevation:  8,926 feet From Main Ave. (Hwy 550) travel North out of town for roughly 22 miles.  Turn left onto Purgatory Boulevard, at the base of Durango Mountain Ski Resort.  Make a slight right onto Hermosa Park Road (National Forest Road 518).  Follow this dirt road for about 5 miles and then turn left into Hunter Park.  The trailhead is at the end of this road along with a large parking area, restrooms, and a corral.  Note, you will have a stream crossing on Hunter Park road to reach the trailhead.
Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trailhead: Latitude:  37.4664, Longitude:  -107.8214 Elevation:  8,509 feet From Main Ave. (Hwy 550) travel North for roughly 10 miles and then make a right turn onto County Road 250.  This road immediately splits into County Road 250 North and County Road 250 South.  Turn slightly left onto CR 250 North, then take the first left onto a dirt road.  This road is 4x4 only and goes under Highway 550 to the west.  Follow the road for about 2.4 miles to the trailhead.  For parking drive a little past the trail head into a large valley.  Note, this road has degraded into a rough 4x4 path and having a properly equipped high clearance vehicle is highly recommended.
Gouldering Trailhead: Latitude:  37.5148, Longitude:  -107.8181 Elevation:  8,034 feet From Main Ave. (Hwy 550) travel North out of town for 14.5 mile (just before mile marker 44).  Then turn left onto a dirt road and the trailhead will be at the end of the this, very close to the highway.  Parking here is very limited and the road is not very well marked.
145 Animas River 550 To Hwy 145 Colorado Trail Neglected Trail #547 South Fork Hermosa  Trail #549 Little Elk Creek Trail #515 Clear Creek Trail #550 Dutch Creek Trail #516 Jones Creek  Trail #518 Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail #522 Goulding  Trail #517 Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail #522 Elbert Creek Trail #512 Big Lick Creek Trail #512 Corral Draw Trail #521 Big Bend Creek Trail #519 Salt Creek Trail #559 Hermosa Creek Trail #514
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Elbert Creek Trailhead: Latitude:  37.5922, Longitude:  -107.8242 Elevation:  8,890 feet Follow Main Ave. (Hwy 550) North 20 miles, then turn left into the trailhead parking area directly in front of a gas station/store.  The parking here is fairly limited and the trail begins with private property on both sides. 
Upper Elbert Creek Trail Sign:  Latitude: 37.6073, Longitude: -107.8582 and Elevation: 10,206 feet! ATV at Upper Hermosa Creek Trailhead. Tent Camping by Upper Hermosa Creek Trailhead. Mountain views. Hermosa Creek and part of Durango Mountain Resort can be seen in the background. Hiking on the Colorado Trail - Latitude: 37.6411, Longitude: -107.9662, & Elevation: 10,518 feet. Hermosa Creek Trail looking south-bound. Road next to Goulding trailhead. Sig Creek Campground - Latitude: 37.6329, Longitude: -107.6330 & Elevation: 9,265 feet. 0.0 0.5 1.5 2.5 3.5 1.0 2.0 3.0 Miles: 0 2 1 3 4 5 Kilometers: The 4x4 road to Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trailhead.  Now Billy, your parents would not approve of you bringing their Subaru here! Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail Marker. View of Durango to the South. P TH Trailhead Parking Area Dirt Roads Road Colorado Trail LEGEND Map Date: 2011 Approximate Map Drawing Hermosa Trail Secondary Trails
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