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The Colorado Trail:  Map of the Home Stretch! Segment 24 to Segment 28 Durango sits at the Southwestern entrance of the Colorado Trail and shown above is an interactive map representing the last four sections of the total twenty eight. These final four are fairly close to Durango, the neighboring town of Silverton and have good access points for numerous outdoor activities, some of which include day hikes, backpacking, mountain biking, trail running, hunting, fishing, camping and horseback riding.  More information is given on each specific section that also includes an interactive map and photos. It is easy to get directions to trailheads by simply clicking on the "TH" or point of interest on the map which will open up a pop-up menu. Choose "directions", fill in your information and follow the instructions.  There are also excellent guide books with full detailed maps for purchase from the Colorado Trail Foundation which are highly recommended for people taking extended trips along its route. The Colorado Trail is a major undertaking that is funded and maintained mostly by volunteers and if you would like to show some support please visit their website here. Help do your part in keeping the trail beautiful by staying the trail, tread lightly, pack in and pack out.  If you are planning a trip here, get ready for memories that will last a lifetime! "All who wander are not lost…" J.R.R. Tolkien  Colorado Trail Segment Maps: Segment 24 Colorado Trail Map Segment 25 Colorado Trail Map Segment 26 Colorado Trail Map Segment 27 Colorado Trail Map Segment 28 Colorado Trail Map For more information on the Colorado Trail please visit here!