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Animas Mountain and Dalla Mountain Park System The Animas Mountain Trails and Dalla Mountain Park Trails are not very long but offer a lot of bang for the buck. Many people hike or ride them in a cool summer evening or trail runners can make a quick lunch time loop. Bring plenty of water as it can be hot during a mid day summer and use common sense when engaging in any outdoor activities and most of all, have fun! Animas Mountain: If you are looking for a hike or ride that offers some of the most spectacular views of Durango then this trail might be the one for you! Animas Mountain sits to the north and slightly west side of Durango Colorado and has two main trailheads. The largest is accessed by taking 32nd street west (up the hill) from main avenue and turning right on west 4th to the parking lot. Look for trail maps at the trailheads and junctions along the way. The second is accessed by taking Junction Creek road (w. 25th) west and turn onto Birket until it dead ends at the trailhead gate. Be aware that parking is limited here as it is a residential neighborhood. The trails are fairly steep and rocky for the first half mile as you begin your ascent and then will begin to taper off a bit more as you reach the plateau. Most hikers would consider the trails as moderate to easy and you will frequently see people running them for training exercise. Mountain biking will provide more of a challenge and parts of the climb can be quite technical so if you like to ride steep rocky singletracks then you will not be disappointed. The rewards for climbing are the multiple view points to the east along the cliff tops which offer beautiful vistas of Durango and the river valley. The rio de los animas, Spanish for river of lost souls and of which the mountain shares its name is visible below.  Animas is also a Latin word which is supposed to be a part of the psyche that is directed inward, and is in touch with the subconscious.  The trails continue north winding through Ponderosa Pines and Gambel Oak and eventually looping back to the beginning. Dalla Mountain Park: Dalla Mountain Park also known as Sailing Hawks sits just on the western edge of Animas Mountain and is a spectacular trail for hiking, biking and rock climbing. You will find yourself amidst giant Ponderosa Pine trees and enormous rocks that are very popular for bouldering. The entire area has an "enchanted" feel to it and the hike is easy enough for just about anyone to enjoy. Following the Ponderosa, Bouldering or Sailing Hawks trails will yield the best rock climbing/bouldering sites in Durango and hikers can complete any of the loops they like. Mountain biking will be fun for riders that like more technical terrain with rocks-n-drops to play around on but would not recommend for beginners.  Wildlife such as deer and elk share these spots and use it for a migratory route or a winter safe haven and closures can be enacted during these times. Look for signs to be posted at the gates which will indicate if they are. Animas Mountain and Dalla Park are inter-connected near town along a common ridge.  Animas Mountain lies along the top of the Plateau while Dalla Park is to the west and just below the plateau.  For further details browse through the interactive maps.  The system map shows both Dalla & Animas together to give better scaling and distance perspective.  Although connected to each other by trails Dalla Park and Animas Mountain are generally considered 2 separate trail systems as seen in the Dalla Park or Animas Mountain maps.  There are photographs taken along the trails, directions to the trailheads and even print-friendly map versions.
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