As people strive to incorporate much needed daily exercise and outdoor activities to balance against the hectic schedule of urban and suburban life styles in today's modern world, trail running offers a great solution.  It provides a refreshing and rewarding escape into nature while staying fit and relieving stress.  This sport consists or running and hiking over trails, different from road running and track running in that it takes places on hiking trails. Located in the high mountain desert where the sun shines on average 330 days of the year, Durango is a trail runner's paradise!  On the few days that running might present a challenge, chances are there is fresh snow on mountain trails that makes for some magnificent snowshoeing. (Griffiths, 2010)   There are several well-known and even famous trails starting right in or near town!  The Colorado trail actually ends just west of Durango at the Junction Creek trailhead.  The Telegraph trail  system which includes Horse Gulch and the Sales Barn begins on the southeast side of town.  Then you have Overend Mountain Park on the west side of town with access from residential areas such as Avenida del Sol.  North of Overend trail system and still beginning in town, is the Animas Mountain trail.  This trail makes a large loop on the top of a plateau with spectacular views looking down onto Durango (open during the summer).    A new trail system called Twin Buttes has been developed and is now in use to the west as you leave Durango on highway 160.  Also don’t forget the Animas River trail that runs right though the heart of town running north and south. Below is a list of a few popular running trail maps around Durango, this area is completely filled with hundreds wonderful trails just begging to be explored!
Sean Meissner beating the path on Durango’s new trail Twin Buttes.
Popular Running Trails
Near By: Canyon of the Ancients Boggy Draw Highland Mary’s Bear Creek Trail Treasure Falls
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This area of Colorado offers some of the best trail running in the nation especially when it comes to endurance, athletes from all over the world come to this area to train at high altitudes and steep terrain.  In Durango there are many popular trail running events.  Below is a list of some of the major annual races that take place right here in Durango, Colorado. o Mother’s Day Telegraph 5k/10k - in May o Narrow Gauge 10 Miler - in May o We’ve Got Your Back Race/Walk - in June o Firecracker 5K - in July o Kennebec Challenge Mountain Runs  - in August o Family 5k walk/run - in August o Durango Double - in October Friendly Safety Reminders: Good habits can save lives!  Although trail running is a great way to alleviate stress, it also has its safety hazards and cautions.  Durango does indeed sit high in elevation and altitude sickness can be a dangerous factor when running at high elevations.   Weather can become another issue very quickly, from lightning storms to snow storms (yes even in the summer months).  It is always a good idea to let someone know where you are going for a run before head out, stretch, and have a good idea of where exactly you plan to be.  For more safety information please visit our Backcountry Safety page.
Mother’s Day Telegraph 5/10 K  2013
Steve Ilg from Wholistic Fitness
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