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Summertime in Durango, Colorado offers the outdoor enthusiast a wide variety of activities all found very close to the city. It attracts people by the thousands from all over the world that wish to experience the rich history and to enjoy the outdoors. Indeed there are very few places that have this many opportunities to choose from. During the spring and as the winter snows begin to melt the Animas river fills with runoff. This is the prime time for rafting, kayaking and white water canoeing. You can either bring your own boat or utilize one of the many guided trips available.  Spring is also when most people hang up the skis and break out the bikes to enjoy some of the best trails and roads in America. By mid-summer the rivers have cleared and the gold medal waters offer some fantastic fishing with easy access. There are also numerous lakes nearby, Navajo and Vallecito that have great fishing and water sports like water skiing and wake boarding. In recent years the Animas river has become extremely popular for inner tubing and during the hot summer days you can see people floating from one end of town to the other by the hundreds. You can check our website for Animas river flow data and weather information before planning a trip. Hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing and horseback riding are in full swing during the summer and Durango offers some of the best places to go. This website has some maps and area descriptions that can help you choose a spot that suites your individual needs. Feel free to browse these sections and if you have never visited before be sure to check out the images for a pictorial view of how the area looks. Many people consider Durango to be the cycling Mecca for Colorado because of the amount of quality trails and roads that are so close by. Uncrowded, beautiful, versatile, challenging, well maintained and the friendliest, hippest riders on the planet. Summer is peak cycle time but it is possible to find a dry patch of road or singletrack all year round. It's quite common to see a roof rack with a bike and a snowboard at the same time! In the late summer to early fall the temperatures begin to drop, the trees begin to change color and mountains are transformed into great splendor. This is one of the best times for hiking and backpacking as there are fewer insects and most of the high mountain snows are completely gone. Most of the higher trails are clear and dry but be sure to check local weather forecasts as monsoon rains can pop up in the afternoons. The "summer season" in Durango begins approximately mid June and runs through September and temperatures average in the mid 80'sF. Visitors need to remember that with altitude comes cooler temperatures and depending on where you go the weather may be completely different than what is in town. Many of the nearby mountains are well over twelve thousand feet and it is not unheard of to get snow in July! So plan your trips for a variety of weather conditions and remember that is better have than to have not when it comes to jackets and rain gear.  Recommendations on when to visit for the summer depend entirely on the activities you are planning but expect more crowds during the holidays. Make reservations for motels or campgrounds well in advance during Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Also be sure to check our events calendar as there may be some activities going on that can bring in quite a few people. You may even find some events that you wish to participate and join in on the fun! Of all the times to visit Durango Summers are the most popular. Great weather combined with a large variety of things to do make it a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.
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