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                 Phil’s World Trail System   If there is a trail that lives up to all the Mountain Bike "hype", this one has got to be it!  Phil's World sits more or less on top of a classic southwest desert mesa near Cortez Colorado and consists of hard pack single track intermixed with bits of slickrock. Most experienced riders would consider the trail easy to intermediate as it has few large climbs and a majority of the routes are mildly technical. BUT.. If you are a rider that likes jumps, whoops and drops you will finish your day with a perm-a grin stuck to your face because it has enough to keep even the most hardcore hoppers happy! The Rib Cage Trail in particular has a downhill that is full of roller coaster style jumps that are a lot of fun and by climbing back up Abajo you could do them over and over again. Most of the trails are fast well defined singletrack that are easy to follow and there are marker signs to help you find your way around. You can choose shorter loops of about 8-9 miles staying closer to the trailhead or doing the full on 12 - 15 miles along the ledges and around Stinky Spring. Either way you can plan on getting a fun variety of terrain and wonderful views of the valley. The area is maintained mostly through donations and volunteers so if you enjoyed your visit and wish to support, there is a donation box near the trailhead. What to expect when you visit. The area is a semi arid high desert and can be quite hot in the summer so bring plenty of water and you can also check the local Cortez Colorado weather before you start your activities. If it rains the mud in some of the lower sections can be quite deep and sticky but can be easily avoided by staying up on top of the mesa. Spring and fall are about the best of all times to be hiking and biking here as the temperatures are about perfect and depending on how much snow there is you could ride or hike all year round but have some warm gear for the winter. Look for hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners with the weekends being the busiest time of the week and spring being the busiest time of year. The Phil's World trail is a total blast for riders and hikers of all levels so bring your bike, your boots and bring your friends to this outstanding area.
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