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Directions to Trailheads:
Boggy Draw Trailhead: Latitude:  37.5020, Longitude:  -108.4654 Elevation:  7,588 feet From Calmino Del Rio (Hwy 550) turn West onto US Highway 160.  Travel West on this highway for roughly 27.2 miles, until the town of Mancos is reached.  Turn right onto Highway 184 in Mancos at the stoplight and follow this for approximately 17.4 miles until the highway comes to an end at Highway 145 and turn right onto this highway which will take you to Dolores.  Once in Dolores (1.6 miles) turn left onto 11th Street which will become Road 31, follow this road for 2.1 miles.  Then turn right onto Road W and follow roughly a mile to the Boggy Draw Parking area and trailhead on the left side of the road.
FS 526 Road 31 Dolores
Bean Canyon Loop
Bean Canyon Loop
Italian Canyon Loop
Mavericks Loop
Boggy Draw Loop
Road W.
FS 527 0 Scale in Miles   1 2 TH TH
Bean Canyon Loop
Dolores River 145 P TH Trailhead Parking Area Boggy Draw Trail Paved Road LEGEND Map Date: 2011 Approximate Map Drawing Gravel Road An Old Outhouse. Mavericks Trail Sign Southern Park of Mavericks Loop. View on the West side of Mavericks Loop. Northern Junction of Maverick & Italian Canyon Loops. One of the many ponds found in the trail system. Connection from the main road to the Boggy Draw Trail on the South West part of the Boggy Draw Loop. Southern Mavericks & Italian Junction. This is where Bean Canyon Loop crosses the highway. Cattle guard & gate on South end of Bean Canyon Loop. Top of Bean Canyon. Boulder in Bean Canyon Loop. Bean Canyon Loop continues just past this pond. West side of Bean Canyon Loop. Sign to Boggy Draw on 11th Street in Dolores. Sign to turn from Road 31 to Road W which leads to Boggy Draw. Look over view of  Dolores from Road 31.