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Alien Run Trail About thirty five miles (as the crow flies) south of Durango is a popular mountain biking and hiking trail known as Alien Run. It is so called because of an alleged UFO crash that took place in 1948 and was covered up by the government in a similar way as Area 51. So watch out for ET's! Located in Aztec, New Mexico this trail has two loops and an out and back that consists of desert style single track with sandstone slickrock, sand and hard pack. The first loop is a quick five miles the second is ten miles and you can add the out and back of the Outer Limits for a total of nineteen miles. Alien Run has a directional route that you need to follow (meaning you ride in one direction) that makes a counter clockwise loop starting from the east and then coming back west. There are lots of trail signs to help guide you along the way and will indicate the correct direction. Please note that on this particular trail hiker's yield to mountain bike riders and people training can be going quite fast so use a little more caution where there is limited visibility. Alien Run rates as intermediate to advanced in difficulty for mountain bikers and most of the terrain that is above a rider's ability can be hiked around which makes it a good place for people to hone their skills. There is a very fun section of slickrock called "The Black Hole" along the southern loop that riders can get off the trail and play for a while. It has ledges and drops that people with more advanced abilities can enjoy and it makes a good spot to "hang out" before continuing on.  The Southern loop follows along the edge of the canyon which is mostly sandstone and provides some good vistas for picture taking. The Outer Limits trail climbs up to the northeast and is a rocky singletrack that you follow until it dead ends and then go back the way you came. The northern portion of the trail (as you are headed west) has some spectacular single track that twists its way through the trees and will quickly drop you out at the main trailhead. Locals like this area because with the right conditions you can ride or hike here all year round. Indeed you could ski on Saturday and then mountain bike on Sunday! Weather conditions vary but it is mostly a semi-arid desert with summer temperatures reaching 80F to 100F+ degrees and winter being anywhere from the lower 30'sF to 40F and above. The roads leading to the trailhead are dirt and only lightly maintained so if there is substantial rain use extra caution. Check with local area weather for conditions before starting your trip and plan accordingly. Alien Run is not that far from Durango and offers a variety of terrain that is very different than the high mountain trails so if you have never been there, Go-Outdoors and give it a try!  
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Meet the Men that made this incredible Mountain Biking trail! The Saiz family including Al, JD & Daryl along with Gregg Knuppel, locals making a big presence for the mountain biking scene. A sincere THANK YOU for all your hard work!  
Alien Run Mountain Bike Race