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Dolores River (Upper)
McPhee Reservoir
Williams Reservoir
San Juan River (Upper)
Hermosa Creek
Piedra River
Below is an interactive map that  serves as an index for major rivers and lakes around the Durango area.    Each place holder represents a river or a lake.   If we have a map for that specific body of water there will be a link to it within the placeholder.   The link will take you to a map on that specific body of water.
Molas Lakes
Lemon Reservoir
Haviland Lake

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Lakes & Reservoirs
Creeks & Rivers
Dolores River West Fork
Dolores River (Lower)
Pine River (Upper)
Andrews Lake
Pastoras Reservoir
Jackson Reservoir
Summit Reservoir
Echo Canyon Reservoir
Los Pinos River
Florida River
Lighnter Creek
Animas River (Upper)
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