What is Durango Outdoors? Durango Outdoors is a website created by James Hobby and Kelly Steinbacher as an outdoor activities guide specifically for Durango and nearby areas. Our goal is to provide information mainly pertaining to outdoor activities, maps, events and wildlife. In our personal experience we have found it difficult to locate a source for a broad spectrum of information of this kind and we hope to bridge this gap. We are trying to provide content that people living here or thinking about visiting will find useful in an aesthetically pleasing way that is easy to navigate. Our sense of community is very strong and as locals ourselves we believe in supporting other local interests. This website is evolving and should continue to evolve as new content becomes available and we strive to update with fresh material. Support and feedback is welcome from others so that we may continue to provide information and entertainment that is useful as well as appealing.  Durango has so much to offer the outdoor enthusiast and we hope our website helps visitors find something that interests them. A bit about James Hobby (Owner/Developer): Well, I like to think of myself as a "local" local because I was born and raised in Durango Colorado.  Over my life time I have seen many changes in this wonderful community. I don't want to give away my age but I can remember skiing on Chapman Hill when it was called "Calico Hill" and Horse Gulch Trail was still a road used by cars. As a child I grew up skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, biking, rock climbing and so on. You get the point, I love to do stuff in the outdoors and feel very fortunate to have been raised in an area that offers so much. I did have my stint of "big city life" during a career change and it only made me appreciate Durango that much more. My professional background includes business, marketing, and computer science but my biggest passion has always been professional photography. I have been taking pictures ever since my mom and dad put a camera in my hands as a very small child.  I still have my first photo album that I made at the age of 6. The Durango Outdoors website has helped me keep this passion alive.  Kelly and I continue to capture more and more content on our adventures together. My focus (no pun intended) is to provide visual material that will fill visitors to our website with a desire to visit Durango or try an adventure of their own.  The cool thing is Kelly and I get to share our favorite activities together, have fun and provide information for others to use all at the same time.  I have many friends and family that live and own business's in Durango.  I have grown to understand how important "keeping it local" is to our city and hope to continue to support this theme.  You can still find me out on the trails with my mountain bike or climbing up in the mountains with my friends still looking for something new to share. About Kelly Steinbacher (Ower/Developer): My background and childhood was framed in a very outdoorsy lifestyle thanks to my parents.  I grew up playing, hiking, fishing, and camping in areas around Durango.  Something I took for granted at the time.  My love for the outdoors deepened as I became a teenager spending more and more time hiking in the backcounty.  I was lucky enough to land a job working for the US Forest Service and helped with fighting wildfires out of Pagosa Springs.  As for college, my first degree came from Colorado State University with a BS in Wildlife Biology.  After college I was hired by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and worked for them roughly 7 years in total.  Deciding to make a career change I got a 2nd degree in Computer Science and have fallen in love with graphic art and web design.  Something that allows the use of math and art all rolled into one.  Thanks to James the concept of “Durango Outdoors” was actually dreamed up while hiking on the Colorado trail, we began to brain storm ideas for an informative outdoors website on this area.  Durango Outdoors is a true and deep passion for me, it has allowed me to dream again!  Offering me a way to express my love for outdoor activities and a deep respect for the nature that it takes place in.  My future hopes and dreams are that Durango Outdoors will be a helpful tool to boost tourism and local business while educating people about wildlife and backcountry adventures.  Few people are truly blessed enough to experience such majestic beauty in such an awe inspiring place as the dramatic San Juan Mountains, right here in this corner of Colorado! 
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