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Lime Creek Road: Nearest Town:  Durango Difficulty Rating:  Easy End Points: South End:  West on Hwy 550 37.6584, -107.8092 North End: West on Hwy 550 37.7213, -107.7498 Estimated Open Season:  May to October Estimated Miles:  12 miles one-way Estimated Drive Time:  2-3 hours one-way Lime Creek Road If you are looking for a 4x4 road that is not too difficult, not far from the city of Durango and has a wide variety of outdoor activities, the old Lime Creek Road might be a great place to check out. Lime Creek Road used to be part of the main road into Silverton from Animas City and Durango during the mid 1800's and it follows along the gorge and main drainage of Lime Creek. It was once a trail utilized by Ute Indians for hunting and by the early to mid 1800's by prospectors looking for gold and silver. Now it is used as a side route for off roading, mountain biking, hiking, camping and fishing. There are also good places for world class kayaking for the EXPERT boater that wants some challenging water. Most of the upper Lime Creek is Class V+ and there are some falls like Adrenaline Falls at the northern end of the entrance that offers professional kayakers a big rush. Be sure to check with a local rafting / boating company for current beta. How to find Lime Creek Road? It's very easy to find by utilizing our interactive map and clicking on the "TH" icon, selecting "directions" and flowing the online instructions. There are basically two points to enter Lime Creek from hwy 550. From Durango you will take hwy 550 north for about 28 miles and at the sharp curve of cascade creek you will see the brown forest service sign for Lime Creek Road (FS 591) on the right side. The other entrance is about 40 miles north of Durango just before the curve at the west lime creek drainage and is also marked with a large sign. The road is about 12 miles long from end to end and it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to travel it with few stops. Most people like to linger for fishing, hiking and picture taking which can take you a good half of a day. What is the difficulty rating for Lime Creek Road? It receives a rating of Easy for off road vehicles with few major obstacles and most people seldom if ever have to use the four wheel drive feature. You DO need good clearance and it is NOT recommended that you attempt it with a regular car as you may cause damage to your vehicle. Much of the road is rocky and rough with a few drop-offs along the edges of the gorge that might make people afraid of heights nervous but overall it's easy. When to visit Lime Creek? Well, the road is used all year round but for four wheeling the season runs from May through October with the most popular times being summer and fall. During the spring, runoff can get quite high and where the road follows the creek in the bottom of the canyon flooding can block the path. Fall is absolutely amazing and by mid to late September the aspen trees here are showing their colors. Highlights and points of interest for Lime Creek Road. One of the most popular spots is just a few miles in from the south entrance and is where the trailhead for Potato Lake (Spud Lake) which is also part of our hiking page. There are some small lakes with beautiful lily pads here and it makes a great spot for a picnic or hiking.  Fly fishing in Lime Creek is awesome for experienced fisherman and there are thousands of pools waiting for you to test your skills.  As mentioned above, kayaking is very popular in the spring for expert boaters and if you hike down to Adrenaline Falls you might catch a picture of somebody dropping the waterfall which is cool and extreme.  Adrenaline falls is not too easy to find but we have provided some GPS map information that can help. The trailhead is 2.28 miles from the highway on the north entrance and (at the time of this writing) is not marked. Once you reach the mile mark you should start looking for the trail on the left (east side) heading down the canyon to the northeast. The waterfall is at the confluence of Coal Creek and Lime Creek and is about 40 feet high.  Camping is also very popular along Lime Creek road and there are many primitive sites along the stream that you can park and setup. Very handy for family outings or providing a base while exploring other four wheeling roads in our area. Short but sweet, Lime Creek 4x4 Road is an awesome place to start your weekend or visit for a nice hike with the family.

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Lime Creek Spud Lake Trailhead Adrenaline Falls